Text aligned with Kat Válastur’s audio narration in GLAND dimension b. The audio playback is controlled by clicking different phrases in the text. Conversely, cueing the audio by clicking along the progress bar, you’ll see the color of the text change.

Concept: Kat Válastur in collaboration with Lamb and Lamp
Texts: Kat Válastur
Sound: Lambros Pigounis
Video: Iosif Lykakis
Copy editing: Kyriacos Karseras
Website: Lamb and Lamp

A production by Kat Válastur, co-produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and Tanzquartier Wien.

KAM Workshops 2014, MOCKUPS, focuses on the possibilities of architecture to produce 1:1 scale models; spaces that even if they are proposed in the correct size are still models, they are not organized as final productions but as test environments or as not sufficient places; they are programmatically built in order to realize a time rupture or to lead to distant or non-existing environments.

The workshop will produce models and representations of mockup spaces and define their scenographic status. Organized by the Architecture Syndicate. Apply until 20 July at kamworkshops.com.

«Μία εβδομάδα μετά από την έκδοση του βιβλίου Η Τραγουδίστρια και η Πολυθρόνα ελήφθη ένας μικρός φάκελος που περιείχε τρία ακόμη γραπτά αποσπάσματα, όπου αναγνωρίζεται εύκολα ο ίδιος γραφικός χαρακτήρας του άγνωστου αποστολέα των πρώτων κειμένων που επεξεργάστηκε, για την έκδοση, ο Αριστείδης Αντονάς